About The Code

The Code is guided by four core principles sourced in te ao Māori. These aim to serve our diverse internet user communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.


The Code is underpinned by four driving principles that encapsulate values and concepts sourced in te ao Māori, to serve the diversity and plurality of internet user communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Solidarity | Mahi tahi

Acknowledges the importance of working together to build the collective capability and capacity of industry, government, and civil society to address online safety and harm.

Balance | Kauhanganuitanga

Recognises the need to provide equal and equitable opportunity for the plurality of perspectives concerning issues around online safety and harm, and to make decisions that reflect a fair, transparent, and accountable process.

Dignity | Mana tangata

Emphasizes the importance of civility and humanity in the care and protection of all people in handling complaints and matters of a sensitive nature.

Respect | Mana

Encourages behavior that promotes care, compassion, honesty, and responsibility to establish relationships and processes of high trust.


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