Governance of The Code

NZTech is responsible for housing the Code within their existing industry association infrastructure, and providing secretariat support to the Signatories and Oversight Committee, as well as managing the Complaints Facility.

Governance Structure

Governance of the code

Oversight Committee

For establishment purposes, NZTech, Netsafe and the Signatories jointly recommended candidates from various stakeholder groups and invited them to join the Oversight Committee for an initial term of two (2) years.

As part of the establishment phase, the Oversight Committee will develop and implement a nominations and appointments process. 

The Oversight Committee will:

(a)     Investigate and resolve eligible complaints about the Signatories commitments under The Code

(b)     Provide reports and recommendations to the impacted Signatory or Signatories concerning the resolution of potential systemic issues or material breaches of The Code

(c)      Review, and where necessary, make recommendations on improving the complaints mechanism

(d)      Review The Code periodically to ensure it remains responsive to the rapidly changing online environment

(e)      Act as the Spokesperson for The Code, through the elected Chair

(f)       Review and approve new Signatories to The Code (following agreement with the Signatories)

A full copy of the Terms of Reference is available for download.